Partners And Consultants
  Dr Robert Kaplan Chairman,
Balanced Scorecard Collaborative Author and Founder of ABC and BSC Marvin Bower Professor,
Harvard Business School
  Dr Bernd H Schmitt
Father of Experiential Marketing Fortune 1000 Advisor Professor,
Columbia Business School, NY Founder Director, Centre for Global Brand Leadership
  Dr David Norton
Balanced Scorecard Collaborative
Author and Co-Founder of BSC
  Dr A "Parsu" Parasuraman
Services Marketing Specialist Chair Professor and Head of Marketing, University of Miami
  Dr Muhamed Muneer
CEO and Chief Consultant
Author and Columnist
  G I Prasad
Principal Consultant
  At CustomerLab, we believe that World Class Strategy + World Class Execution = World Class Results in a very creative way. What does this mean? It is axiomatic that customers are the reason why businesses exist.  
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