Proprietary Tools
While our exact process is developed individually for each client situation, many of our engagements include the following methodologies:

SERVQUAL, GAPS and Techno-Readiness™
We use proprietary tools for measuring service quality and identifying the gaps that exist between management and customers to initiate measures for delivering superior service and marketing excellence. The research-based tools help companies scale newer heights in service delivery and customer delight and loyalty.

EX Brand Audit™
The first step in developing a brand strategy, the EX Brand Audit™ is a thorough review, analysis and assessment of a company's brand and its position within the competitive landscape of its industry.

Customer Insight Research
In order to help our clients better understand their customers, we employ proprietary qualitative and quantitative research techniques that map and identify internal and external customers, determine their needs and desired brand experience, and gain insight into the context and relationship with the brand.

Customer Experience Mapping
Another proprietary tool to get focused feedback from customers at every touch point in order to devise customer-centric initiatives for better business gains and long term customer value. This tool is extremely useful in developing processes internally by using an Outside-In approach instead of the prevalent Inside-Out approach.

Brand C-O-R-E™
From the brand audit and customer insight, we work with clients to develop a Brand C-O-R-E™, a simple strategic idea or concept that defines the essence of the brand. The Brand C-O-R-E™-which stands for competence, originality, relevance and excitement - serves to guide the brand throughout all implementations.

Brand Promise, Identity and Architecture
Once we've established the Brand C-O-R-E™, we help clients develop or refine their brand's value promise, corporate identity and brand architecture in ways that are aligned with the client's business objectives and relevant to their customer needs.

Validation Testing
In the process of developing a brand strategy and positioning, we conduct validation testing of all concepts with customers to collaboratively select the best strategy, and help achieve both internal buy-in and external success.

Best Practices Benchmarking
By benchmarking the best branding practices of relevant companies both within and without the client's industry, we yield creative and strategic ideas for successfully implementing and delivering the desired brand experience.

  At CustomerLab, we believe that World Class Strategy + World Class Execution = World Class Results in a very creative way. What does this mean? It is axiomatic that customers are the reason why businesses exist.  
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