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Strategy Implementation:

With Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard Collaborative - BSCol

BSCol is the ultimate authority on implementing strategy meticulously using BSC and Strategy Maps. We are proud to offer their services as the only strategy implementing consultants in the world! We use the most effective management tool of the last 75 years (according to Harvard Business Review), BSC, directly from its founders Robert Kaplan and David Norton.

The key services being offered by us will include pre-consulting assessments, consulting, implementation, custom-made training/audits and seminars for key prospects from six key cities in India. We will help companies with BSC awareness and benefits with cases, status assessment of strategy and BSC, BSC Road map and implementation methods, Office of Strategy Management formation, and complete and effective strategy implementation.

Even though many companies have started implementing BSC in India, barring a handful, none had the advantage of accessing the founders’ expertise and advice. In most companies we have interacted, the HR department has initiated BSC and it is largely a performance measurement tool.


Service Quality and Gaps:

With the ultimate authority of services and technology marketing, Dr Parasuraman

What constitutes service quality?

Most companies we speak to have an understanding and appreciation of the need for quality service yet there is little understanding of the concepts involved. Fundamentally, services differ from products in the way they are produced, consumed and evaluated. First, services are basically intangible. Second, services are heterogenous. That is to say, their performance often varies from service provider to another, from one customer to another - and often, from day to day. Third, production and consumption of many services are inseparable.

We offer proven and patented quantitative tools to measure the service quality and gaps within the organization, and recommend steps to deliver service excellence. Our tools also help in improving ROMI (return on marketing investments) by focusing on issues most important to customers. We also have a specialized recruitment wing for finding the right person for the service job!


Customer Experience Management (CEM):

With the father of experiential marketing Dr Bernd Schmitt and other experiential gurus Shaun Smith and Martin Lindstorm

For too long marketers have depended upon the tried and tested method of harping upon “features” and “benefits”. They have wrongly, as it turns out, regarded customers as rational decision makers. Furthermore, empirical decision-making has become a substitute for creative, out-of-the-box thinking. Is it any surprise then that many brands are falling by the wayside?

Customers no longer look to brands to merely deliver a set of functional benefits. They want brands to involve them, to engage them and to provide a richer set of emotional experiences. And the best and most successful brands will be those that can go beyond mere “features” or “benefits” to provide an experience!

How do you get your brands aligned to offer a complete customer experience? By creating a CEM framework.

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